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Returns & Exchanges

*Product can be returned with no charge according to following condition

*All types of products ( Exclude Latex, Silicone and Liquids) can be exchange free of charge only once. Customers have to pay shipping cost.


*Any discount items, items purchased through special promotion or items which are not purchased at full price. Customers may request for the exchange of defective items only, not for other reasons; this terms and conditions are not under warranty terms and conditions. 

* Shipping Fees are refundable only in the case of delayed shipments and orders that have been cancelled prior to shipping.

We may not support refunding a purchase under this terms and conditions.

1. The returned item is in used condition or not in the original condition prior to the delivery or the item is returned without bag and tag.

2. The date stamped on the returning parcel is over 30 days period prior to receipt date, based on the delivery and courier service company. 

*If the company finds that the returned item is not in accordance with terms and conditions, we reserve the right, in any circumstances, to reject any refund or return.

3. After the company receive and assess the product, a full refund can be processed to your Bank or Paypal account according to the original payment within 7 working days.

* Under product return terms and conditions, FORFUN reserves the right of final decision in the case of any dispute.

* Product warranty terms and conditions (Latex & Spandex are excluded from warranty terms and conditions).

FORFUN  is 3 months warranty since the date of receipt. The warranty does not cover Latex, Spandex, Silicone, Liquids and product purchased at discount price or sale items. (Warranty period can be calculated from the date of delivery +7 days = Date of receipt) For example, if the date of receipt is 1st of January, the period of warranty is 1st of April+ 7 days = 8th of April).


Products are purchased from FORFUN stores. Invoice or complete customers name must be provided.

In case of defective parts and broken zipper, the damaged will be repaired or replaced for customers. For ripped lining or seam defect, the company may repair or change new one.

Other cases which are not in accordance with terms and conditions above will be considered individually by FORFUN

* The warranty does not cover consequential damages that result from the use or other defect resulting from use.

* Damaged products which are not returned within 30 days after date of receipt may not receive refund in any case. 

* Under product warranty terms and conditions, FORFUN reserves the right of final decision in the case of any dispute.


1. Contact customer support by send e-mail to Return the item within 30 days after the receipt date with the detail provided or alternatively contact directly at the store located on Sammie Alley, Bangkok.

2. Send the item back in its original undamaged parcel and pack it securely.

3. Send parcel at local post office (Registered post).

4. Provide the company with tracking number by sending E-mail to

Customers purchase products from our company and receive purchase order confirmation form, you agree with all terms and conditions regarding service, purchasing and product return.